Augmented Reality AR

We are making Augmented Reality accessible for your business.
Helping you achieve growth through the strategic use of Augmented Reality as part of a suite of marketing components.

Augmented Reality or ‘Interactive Print’ as it’s sometimes called is state-of-the-art tech that dramatically increases the engagement and interaction between traditional print and digital media.

It overlays digital content including streaming video, 360-degree video, slideshows, animations and 3D models over the top of any printed material to deliver a much richer user experience and bring that print to life!

Augmented Reality is exceptionally versatile and can be included on virtually any print from brochures and leaflets to business cards, magazine and newspaper ads through to greeting cards, packaging and any outdoor signage.

How does the user access Augmented Reality?
It’s very simple; all they have to do is hold their smartphone or tablet over a printed image (trigger) — then the app technology will do the rest. The targeted video, slideshow or 3D model
will display and play automatically.

The scope of Augmented Reality
The application for Augmented Reality is limited only by the imagination. Here are just a few options:
Property sales brochures and advertisements
Virtual “try before you buy” experience
Special offers & promotions
Association newsletters
Direct mail campaigns
Product brochures
Training manuals
Business cards

Can the effectiveness of Augmented Reality be measured?
Definitely, this digital experience can be shared on social networks and is fully measured by analytics
(dashboard pictured below) to enable sales and marketing managers to follow up on leads and refine their marketing message to their targeted audience.